I have been writing a blog on WordPress called TedBook.  I shamelessly ripped off Mark Z. and hope they don’t find out, because they will probably sue my ass.  Actually, he probably wouldn’t care, but you know how those corporate things go… if it was Nike they sure would!  There is a dive bar in my town called Herb’s Tavern… they’ve been there for decades, and make t-shirts to sell to the tourists.  One year they made a tee with the words “Just Drink It”… Nike sued them to ‘cease & desist’… they had made the mistake of putting a kind of ‘swoosh’ under the words.  They ceased & desisted.  Really… a small tavern in a little town?   But, that’s the way it goes I guess… you can’t make exceptions.   I logged a lot of hours on Herb’s stools back in the day.  I never met Herb and don’t know if there ever was one… there must have been, but that old bar’s had a lot of owners over the years.  I was told the name would change, but would always go back to Herb’s Tavern.

But, that’s not what I was going to write about… how did I get on Herb’s?  Oh yes, TedBook.  Like everyone else, I have a list of things I would like to try.  Who hasn’t thought of writing a book or creating a great work of art?  Or maybe climbing Everest or going deep sea fishing.  Or maybe being a great cook or trying out in a play.  Those are all things someone can do if they try… maybe not reach the top or be great, but at least have the experience of doing.  That is so easy to say… says the master of procrastination.  But, I have a little more time on my hands these days, and finally got tired of thinking about trying to write something.  I started to check into people’s blogs I would see.  I was getting ready.  Somewhere I saw a site called Plinky, they do an ‘idea a day’ to get bloggers motivated … that got me going on my first piece… My Favorite Summer Memory.  That was June 28, 2010… at 10:22a.m. I was a Published Author.  I thought that was pretty cool.. my name in print… the name of my blog in print… my thoughts in print!  Well, I don’t want to get to full here, but I was pretty proud of myself.   Especially when the 2 or 3 people who read it thought it was great.  Okay, they were my daughters!  But, I think I am getting better… at any rate, it is fun and very satisfying.  A few days later, I went out to a farm and took photos of bales of hay and a guy on a tractor, and added graphics to my blog.  Now I was Big Time.

I wrote 8 Blogs in 6 months in 2010… in 2011 I wrote 1 Blog.  This is it…

I THOUGHT THIS WAS AN INTERESTING SUMMARY TO RECEIVE, AS I NEVER KNEW IF ANYONE EVER REALLY SAW MY EFFORTS… other than my family and friends I coerce into viewing.  My New Years Resolution is to make the time to do this more often.  For those of you who do read TedBook.. Thank You.  Thanks to WordPress for a great blogging experience.  ~  TedIn Uncategorized on January 2, 2011 at 7:54 am
WordPress had sent a review of my blogging experience, and that was my lead in at the top.   I was full of hope for 2011.  They didn’t send me a review for 2011.

 A number of factors contributed to my lack of writing.  Some beyond my control, and some completely within my power… of those, two stand out; facebook satisfied a lot of my creative urge, posting photos and writing little things, and the other was some kind of writer’s block… and it wasn’t the kind where you can’t think of anything to write about.  I had been wanting to do it for so long, and not doing it.  I had friends writing blogs… and the only writing I was doing, was on their blogs… in the comment box.

 So, on New Year’s Eve I got a prompt, not from Plinky, but from Amy Winehouse.  

On January 2, 2012, one year to the day, I published my next blog.  I’ve published 3, not counting this one, so far this year.   I have now moved over all my old blogs from WordPress to Blogspot and will post on both.  Here’s the one that brought me back…


   Check Plinky out… http://www.plinky.com/

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  1. Hi Ted! Happy to hear that you are writing again! I look forward to checking back here often. Love your style of writing and I am sure I will see more photos posted here soon!

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