I never make New Years Resolutions.  1 ~ Because if you want to do something… do it. I think resolutions are a crutch to procrastinate and make yourself feel better… and you will never keep them.  2 ~ Because I never kept them.  So this year, my New Year’s Resolution is to reopen TedBook and write something in it.  I feel better already.

My friend Margie told me, “only 8% were ever kept”.  I read that if you put it in writing, it may actually have a chance of happening.  Okay, it’s in writing now… it’s all up to me… I want to be in that 8%!   Yesterday I looked to see when the last entry in TedBook occurred… yikes!  January 2, 2011… one whole year of silence!  Another friend, Keri, reminded me of that this morning, after I mentioned I might start blogging again.

Why the silence?  No one particular reason really… I think mostly procrastination.  It’s not like I didn’t have any ideas… I had many, and wrote a lot of blogs in my mind, complete with photos.  But, I never got to the point of transferring them into my computer.  A lot of my friends asked me where TedBook was, and why they were not seeing new blogs.  I would hear… “where’s your blog”, “what happened to TedBook”, “weren’t you writing a blog”… after a while it was down to two.  O’B would bug me about it when we saw each other.  Louisa would mention it… in November, I got a note from her… “Why aren’t you writing?”  I could tell she was disappointed in me.  I thought… “I’m disappointed in me too”.  I have friends with blogs… Jane in L.A., a champion fighting Autism … Aggie in Chicago who posts a quiz everyday, except Saturday when she’s shacked up with her boyfriend.

The straw that broke the camel’s back, so to speak, was when O’B started a blog!  She had moved back to Sacramento, after an absence of some 30 years, and she and Anthony had bought a house in Southside Park.  Southside is a downtrodden mostly Latino neighborhood, that I have a feeling is becoming Yuppified (not naming any names here).  Catherine is a curious and outgoing woman, who has undertaken the chronicling of Southside.  Hence her blog

                      Southside Park: Forty-Six City Blocks of Surprise 

       Join me as I explore urban living in Sacramento’s Smallest Neighborhood.                                                                                 

Lord knows I waste enough time on facebook and playing Words with Friends (Alec Baldwin has yet to challenge me), so I really have the time… I just have to do it.  I was jealous with every new post O’B made… and she is prolific.  So, that’s what had been in the back of my mind, and I don’t mind admitting I was feeling guilty.  My own daughter, Ashley, was now more of a writer than me.  She had taken a creative writing class, and had written some impressive pieces.  I had encouraged her to start a blog… and I can’t even do my own… at least she has two teenagers to blame, or maybe just the college classes she is doing.  Sure better reasons than my slacking.  So, this was where I was at on New Year’s Eve.

I don’t drink Champagne or go to New Year’s Eve parties anymore.  The last one I went to, about 10 years ago, my date and I snuck out early and welcomed in the New Year in private… my best New Years Party ever.  This year I watched a movie, and was saying Happy New Year to my facebook friends when I saw this post.

I had been meaning to check out Amy’s latest album, ‘Lioness: Hidden Treasures’, and was glad for the reminder.  I’ve always liked Amy and was saddened  by her death and the loss of such a talent.  After listening to “Our Day Will Come” and “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow”, I was near tears.  Her day will never come, and there is no Tomorrow for Amy Winehouse.  It gave me pause to think… I was lucky, I had survived my drug of choice, which like her’s, was alcohol.  It’s destructive force had ruined relationships and created havoc in my life, but my biggest regret, is that I could have been and should have been a better father.  Unlike Amy, I was able to change my life for the better.  But, Amy made me face myself and make some choices that night.  One of those is to resume my blog.

                          Of course I bought the album and I reopened TedBook.


This was an important post for me… another step in a bloggers life.  I thought I would share it with my friends at Yeah Write.

29 responses

  1. Hi Ted, good story I like Amy, she had alot of good songs, to bad how things ended for her R.I.P Amy

  2. Welcome back Tedster

  3. Glad you’re back Ted. Very interesting story….now my friend, NO MORE SLACKING!

  4. BTW Ted, I love the look here. 🙂

    1. Ditto you but some nice work into this Ted, let’s see if JT finds this place

  5. Awesome that you are back, obviously doing something you love! You do it so well! Look forward to another escape from my reality.

  6. Writing is a good release of things. Sharing laughter, tears, amid moments of inspiration is a very personal thing to do. And personal can be hard. I applaud you and your efforts as well as look forward to future “words with friends” via your blog.

  7. I’m glad you’re back on your blog, and as always, an inspiration. Don’t ever say you could have been a better father again. No parent is perfect, or should be. You couldn’t have been a better father because you were always, and still are, a great one!

  8. So we have Amy to blame for this? 😆

  9. Terrific Ted! Thanks for including me!

  10. Hi y’all and Ted of course. thank you for sending me this.
    I’m probably mostly quiet because I’m spending so much time either painting this little house alittle at a time or old furniture AND as small as it is here you’d think i’d be done by now but i have no garage so i work in a small bdrm so the work is slow. I’m also trying to winterize a house that used to be in itself a ‘garage’ that was home made.
    (the ex got the nice house) so here i am curled up with my dawg and my laptop and trying to paint around furniture i don’t want to get paint on.
    i would be around more and will…..when that’s done yet i have a feeling painting furniture or making things won’t end. (i made a lampshade out of a fence) and can’t resist using something instead of throwing it away.

    It was awful about Amy. And what a talent she was.I wish somehow she would have been forced into help if she wouldn’t do it on her own. There was a saddness about her.

    2011 my daughter’s bridesmaid at her wedding was found dead in her car over dosed on something like benedryl. no note.
    she was beautiful. Has a mom, dad and little brother. she was very smart. Made the highest grade in her class in H.S. Had a job and was considered always the one who listened to everyone else’s problems.But something was missing. So in a safeway parking lot she took her life and no one knows why.
    So for 2011 THAT is what haunts me. There may be someone who wants to talk but maybe no one wants to listen or maybe someone will tell you” it could be worse” so you keep it in…………..
    just a thought we all should remember.
    Hope 2012 is good for us all.

    1. Hi Tendr, For the most part we only see the outside surface of people, and plenty of people do wear masks in ways, you never really know everything about anyone, their are some secrets that die with people. Everybody for the most part has a sad story to tell and a lot of times more than one.

  11. Yay! I’m so glad you’re back!

    I, too, often tend to scribble ideas but somehow never translate them into a blog post. Maybe you and I can egg each other on this year. 😀


    Some crawl up your butt
    Some snap under pressure
    Some don’t have the strength to hold you up
    Some get all twisted
    Some are your favorite
    Some are holy, some are cheap, some are naughty
    And some naturally cover your butt
    When you need them to ♥

  13. Love this Ted……so good to have you back….!!!

  14. Caerlynn Nash | Reply

    They say it takes twenty-one days to break a habit. Maybe it takes twenty-one days to make a habit. Looks like you might have a new habit. Best of luck, fellow blogger.

  15. Awesome Ted! I love this post and the life changing epiphany.
    I am glad you started blogging again or we would not have met!

  16. So glad you’re here so that I could meet you. 🙂

  17. Natalie DeYoung | Reply

    Oh Amy. Sigh. I’ve been thinking about her death lately.
    But I’m glad you started writing again.

    1. She helped me realize that I needed to start doing the things I wanted to do. You know what that’s all about.

  18. Author Catherine Townsend-Lyon | Reply

    Just another Fantastic post!
    Being in recovery myself for 7yrs, it hurts me to see such precious life taken to soon, and for what? Drugs, Alcohol,??? She leaves us a beautiful legacy of music and her sweet husky voice!!
    God Bless,
    Author Catherine Lyon 🙂

  19. “After listening to “Our Day Will Come” and “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow”, I was near tears. Her day will never come, and there is no Tomorrow for Amy Winehouse. It gave me pause to think…” So sad and true.. she was extremely talented and like so many before her, gone too soon.

    Nice to hear that you are back and running!

  20. I’m glad you make it into the 8%. I’ve been on the other side of recovery; first my father, then my husband. I’m proud of them. I’m proud of you.

  21. Reblogged this on TedBook and commented:

    I thought as another new year starts I would repost this entry I made 6 years ago. Hope you have a Happy 2018… I intend to.

    1. Amy was a great talent, I hope you have a great 2018 also, take care

  22. Happy New Year Ted keep on blogging

  23. Such an honest and revealing post, Ted. It is a great one to look back on to help measure how much photography and writing you have done since. Congratulations on succeeding at a New Years resolution you never made! ❤️😊

  24. […] On Ted Book, Ted shares a story about how Amy Winehouse inspired him to reopen his site. […]

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