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That Time I Lied About My Age

Beer bubbles 1

LIE ABOUT MY AGE? Oh Hell Yes… haven’t you? I think I was 16 the first time. Of course we wanted to buy beer… being in High School and all. There was a little market called Jimmy’s on Fifth & Broadway… No Questions Asked, as long as you had anything resembling a fake ID. My dad had just renewed his driver’s license, and threw away his temporary one. It was just a typewritten form (this was 1959) and easy to erase and retype. We got the beer!!! It also worked at The Alameda Theater, which was the burlesque house in skid row. Very grown up we had become. We decided to score some of the hard stuff, and feeling very brave with my new identity, I tried a liquor store. The clerk looked me up and down and started to laugh… “nice job on the ID, but got the date wrong”. Well I couldn’t get out of there fast enough. At least he gave it back to me and didn’t tell my dad. We stuck to the beer after that.

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