I think this was right before we got married in 1965… I was taking a drawing class from Robert Else at Sacramento State College.  We were living at 23rd and J sts.  Ann was wearing a green shift and sitting in a high back chair in the kitchen while I sketched her.  I painted it the following week.  She never liked it.   In fact, my second wife, Annie, didn’t like it either, but that was because I insisted on having it on the wall… I figured it was on the wall when she met me, etc.  I always liked it and thought it was a great work of art.  My first and last painting.

Ann did not know I still had it.  Ann did not know I was entering it in the San Juan County Fair Art Show.  I was not expecting it to win a prize, much less First Place!  My daughters Krista and Ashley knew I still had the painting and was planning to put it in the fair… they thought that was pretty funny.

I just happened, by chance, to run into them as they arrived at the exhibit hall… to view the photo and art shows.  I realized they both came with her to see her reaction to the painting, so I tagged along with my camera… Surprise!!!


I'm not sure my granddaughter shares my enthusiasm for fine art...

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  1. Hi Ted, I see TedBook is still here! I like the painting in a weird Andy Warhol meets Salvador Dali way (it does look like she is melting in the chair). Even though I like it, I can understand how the woman who posed for it would not be flattered. It’s a lot easier to see art for what it is when you’re not the subject.

  2. Ted, I don’t blame her for not liking the painting, It looks like one of those bizarre picasso types of painting, not something i would like. I prefer impressionist painters like Monet. But, it is obvious you have good potential.

  3. Love that you won the prize……Love the painting itself, and agree with everyone else about how the subject may feel about it, but it seems she took it in great good humor if you go by the photo of her with it!! Very cool Ted!!!! xoxo

  4. Fantastic!!!!

  5. I’m so glad that my brother has received high recognition for his artistic side. We were both in Dr. Else’s drawing class that term and posed for each other in class for our first contour drawings ever. I still have them on large pieces of newsprint paper! Ted’s painting,”Tiny”, always makes me smile ~ because I knew the real Tiny then… and still know her now. She has a great sense of humor and, as you see, resembles the woman in the painting only in hair color. I’m very proud of you Ted, and anticipate seeing more from you at next year’s Fair. YLS

  6. TED, stick with painting you have alot of potential, even though it isn’t my taste really

  7. Congratulations on winning First Place.

  8. Ted, could you paint my pic from the photo I gave you, not like this one please, I think i look better than that.

  9. Do I remember that in your eagerness to have the painting dry, you put it in the oven and it warped, making the painting even more “interesting”? I’m so pleased you entered it, I always thought it was very creative. Wish I’d been there when Ann saw it. Congrats, the SJCF art judges know their stuff. The extended Strutz family sure scored at the fair!!! YL REAL S 🙂

  10. I completely forgot about the oven… that’s why the canvas is kind of uneven. Of course, I’m sure it was really an artistic technique I was using. My sister’s remember better than I… I couldn’t remember what the drawing technique was called.

    Didn’t know you knew how to do ‘smiley-faces’!

  11. congrats to the award winning artist. ➡ :mrgreen:

  12. Where is the new page here? I came here looking for some new wisdom.

    If we don’t get a new page soon, I’ll assume this to be a new spot to set up a smiley 101 class! …and maybe have to teach some special characters here too! ♥♣♠♦

    1. New post only when inspiration strikes… and I am working on a few things. No smiley’s please. But, I am impressed with the hand you have dealt… and your ability to do so! Congratulations.

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  15. Just as good the second time around……😍

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