You know how sometimes you see something so unusual you just don’t know what to say?
Yesterday, I stopped by my granddaughter’s to meet her new puppy Yoshi.  She had just arrived from Oregon, and is the cutest little white ball of wooly fur… she should be following Mary to school.   I thought she might have some Panda in her too, but Isabel assured me she was a dog of the Akita/Huskie variety.
While I was getting to know Yoshi I noticed a bag of water hanging over the doorway into the house… “What the Hell is that!” Ashley was quick to explain that it was a Fly Chaser… the latest scientific innovation to a fly less house.  (A side note here:  Ashley hates flies more than most… especially the ones that keep circling around and are impossible to kill.  I can remember replacing a few window panes due to over-zealous fly killing)  It seems she had seen this technique employed with much success in a dive bar in Snohomish.  You know, the kind that always has flies circling around inside, but had forgotten about it… until the trip to retrieve Isabel’s new BFF.  Laurie, her best friend in Portland, had a Fly Chaser over her front door, with no flies inside.
Here’s how it works:
1 ~ Zip Loc Baggie
2 ~ Some Water
3 ~ One Penny
4 ~ Some Push Pins
Instructions: Partially fill baggie with water… insert penny… tack over outside doorway

So, I would say, a very successful road trip to The Beaver State for all… Isabel gets her puppy, and Ashley’s nemesis may have met it’s match.   But sometimes you just have to shake your head and say, “What the Hell…???”


My sister Marja in Sacramento says "What The Hell... hope it works!"

My sister Mariya in Friday Harbor tried it and says "No flies in my house!".

Krista... "ta da..."

16 responses

  1. Must be something they use to ward off unwanted men with cameras… 🙂

    1. If that were the case, Frannie, everyone in the family would have one…

  2. ok…what is this and where is it?

    1. Ashley’s

  3. Sorry for the confusion… pushed ‘publish’ prematurely.

  4. you need to watch that premature stuff, Ted! 🙂

    I can’t wait to try the fly catcher….I also hate them!

  5. Ted, only you would write about that, very strange indeed, WTH, for sure, buddy

  6. I’m going to try that too, hate those things! That is a cute, cute puppy!! Fun for everyone! Successful road trip indeed!

  7. Pretty cool Ted! Should be interesting watching this develop. Who knows … maybe a book deal … followed by a movie deal 😉 Ralph

  8. Cool stuff these fly chasers! Do they work in Europe, too?

    1. I’m sure they do… flies are flies (except tsetse)… but I’m not sure if it has to be an American penny…

  9. Ted, you truly are the man,your pretty amazing

  10. WOW, interesting! so did it really work? I will try it next summer…wonder if this would have worked at my horse barn.

  11. […] “WHAT THE HELL…???” July 2010 13 comments and 1 Like on WordPress.com, 4 […]

  12. Ted, FYI, I left the Sacramento fly catchers up all summer and they really did work. only got 2 flies inside over the entire summer. Also generated a ton of conversation from our gursts.

  13. Looks like a booby trap for a prank, penny disintegrates the plastic and water falls on someone

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