“Cheryl!!!” (said in a whisper)

“What???” (a whisper back)

“What am I supposed to do?” (still whispering)

“What the hell are you talking about, Ethel?  Why are we whispering?” (a little louder)

“I’ve never done anything like this before.  (still whispering)

“Stop whispering, dammit. It’s a photo booth for God’s sake!!! What did you think we were doing?” (increasing louder)

“I know it’s a photo booth, Cheryl! I’ve just never done it before. Where do I look?” (normal tone)

“Here, where it says ‘Put Eyes At This Line’!!!” (very loud)

“Now what do I do?”  (normal voice)


a light flashes…


My Aussie pal Katherine is obsessed with photo strips.  In fact so much so, she writes a fascinating blog called Photobooth Journal... which I just love.  She asked me if I would create a story using one of her photo strips, and sent me the 2 photo strip above.  Could the ladies in the strip be Ethel and Cheryl???  Who knows, but for today… they will be.

Now, I just got done reading a delightfully wicked story called Sebastian and the Night Visitors, at The Wizard’s Word.  It was written for the 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups.  I checked 100WCGU out, and this week’s prompt just clicked with Katherine’s strip.


16 responses

  1. lol ted, good work and truth be told it happens a lot txs for sharing

    1. Thanks, Margie! You must have some photo strips in a drawer somewhere… I’ll bet Bill was a hoot!

  2. Boy you don’t waste any time do you? It is fabulous Ted! Yep, they are definitely Ethel and Cheryl. Will reblog to spread the word. Thanks, I love it!

    1. Well, either do you… I just posted it! I’m glad you like it.

  3. […] click HERE to see the original post on Ted’s blog where you will find many other stories and more of the […]

  4. It’s funny, your portrayal of the women.

  5. Of course it’s Ethel & Cheryl and they rock!

  6. I can almost hear them talking to one another, too funny! :smile:

  7. Oh, this was precious! Good job!

  8. This sure is a different take on ‘old birds’. Excellent.

    1. I kind of thought so too… thanks.

  9. Traveled from Katherine’s site to find you. This is pure perfection!

    1. I’m so glad you did… I’ve been to your’s too… via Katherine, of course. Thank you.

  10. Adorable photo, and nice dialogue. Maybe I’ll check out Wizard’s Word. Thanks for the tip.

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